NYS Department of Environmental Conservation

When a health or environmental hazard is discovered, the property owner is most often held responsible, whether or not the owner had anything to do with creating the hazard. The “innocent landowner” defense now requires documentation of due diligence. The property owner is rarely alone in facing environmental liability. Under the Comprehensive Environmental Response, Compensation and Liability Act (CERCLA), the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency has the power to seek or impose remedial action on virtually anyone involved in the site. Buyers, lenders, and managers — all can be liable and each must know the risks of every site. No relationship exists between the value of property and its potential liability! A $100,000 property can literally cost you millions. If you are the owner or operator of contaminated site, you may be a Potentially Responsible Party (PRP) — responsible for cleanup — whether or not you were at fault. Liability is joint and several. Any or all PRPs bear a site’s total costs. One solvent party may bear full costs if the EPA can’t recover from other PRPs.
· Liabilities are retroactive. CERCLA imposes liability for past environmental acts, including acts that were legal when they occurred!
· Liability is perpetual. There is no statute of limitations on potential liability.
· Liability is unlimited. It includes costs of investigation, testing, removal, public protection, health studies, environmental restoration and damages to third parties.
· Liability can be personal. Individuals and employees can be liable if they were responsible for, or arranged disposal of hazardous substances contrary to law or industry standards at the time.

New state and federal regulations concerning hazardous material and the liability and health risks associated with these materials, have forced buyers, sellers, mortgage companies, lending institutions, and insurance companies to routinely require environmental assessments. These evaluations are normally required before loan and mortgage applications and insurance coverage are considered on commercial properties. We arrange Phase I and Phase II Environmental Site Assessments (ESA). These evaluations can be designed to meet the specific needs of our clients; therefore, the evaluations may be preliminary and/or extensive. In many instances, a Phase I evaluation will confirm the potential for environmental hazards on a site or demonstrate that a site is clean based on the available information. The client has the option to continue the investigation with a Phase II evaluation when specific characterization of the environmental problem is necessary.

PhD in Chemistry, MS in Chemical Engineering, BS in Biochemistry, Certified P.E. in the State of NJ, NJDEP UST Certified, Water Resource and Energy Management, HVAC Expertise, OSHA Certified, Permitting of Recycling Facilities, Chemical Remediation of Soil and Groundwater Specialist, Expert in Transporting Chemicals, Environmental Scientist, Expert in Sampling Protocols, Experience in Excavations, In-house Legal Advisor.

Our Mission:
Providing cost-effective, comprehensive environmental services in New York and New Jersey.

Our Services Include:

1-Environmental Division:
Environmental Site Assessments, Phase I and Phase II,
Pre-remediation evaluation,
Remediation of Sites,
Tank Closure, Removal and Subsurface Investigation,
Tank Installation,
Testing of Soils, Water and others,
Engineering Planning and Certification,
Permitting of TSDF and Transfer Stations,
Aerial Photography.

2-Excavation and Site Development:
Complete Underground utilities,
Deep Foundations,
Installation of Septic Systems,
Soil and Waste Removal,
Rental of Heavy Equipments with Operators,
Snow Removal.

 Our Alliances:
We have developed working relationships with other firms to provide specialized services in a timely and cost-efficient fashion, including:
-Laboratory Services certified in New York and New Jersey
-Geology Services and GIS Database Management
-Industrial Hygienists (CIH) and Safety Training
-Baseline Ecological Evaluation
-Radon Monitoring and Remediation
-Asbestos Abatement

Environmental Services:
-Phase I and Phase II Environmental Assessments
-Groundwater and Soil Investigation and Remediation
-Underground Storage Tank Closure, Removal, and Subsurface Evaluation
-Environmental Site Assessment
-Compliance Monitoring
-Development and Implementation of New Remediation Techniques
-Sampling and Testing Services (water, paint, etc.)
-Permitting of Recycling Facilities, Transfer Stations and Treatment Storage and Disposal Facilities (TSDF)
-Hazardous Waste Management and Disposal
-Mold Inspection and remediation
-Brokering other Environmental Services 

Contracting Services:
-Tank Installation and Removal
-Land filling with Clean Soil and Capping
-Demolition Services
-Excavation Services
-Installation of Sewer and Water Lines

We Supply and Deliver:
-Water Treatment Chemicals
-Scale and Corrosion-Prevention Chemicals for Boilers and Cooling Towers
-Manufacturer of Custom Chemicals used in Remediation Processes in our R & D Laboratory

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