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At this page we intend update you with valuable information as they develop. We will update this page on a regular basis. You will find here laws that the City Council is planning, and which were passed and their effective date. There will be certain promotions that we think our clientele will appreciate, either for our or our partnered services or services that are provided by different agencies or businesses. Again, we would like to emphasize that this website is a service to you our client and your feedback, comments or complaints will enhance your benefits for visiting this website regularly.

Local Law 39 of 2015 – Tamper-resistant outlets
A Local Law to amend the administrative code of the city of New York was enacted on 5/6/15 and goes into effect 120 days later, in relation to the installation and maintenance of electrical outlet safety devices and tamper-resistant receptacles in certain public parts of multifamily dwellings.


Benchmark Law, Local Law 84
In December 2009, Mayor Bloomberg signed the four legislative components of the Greener, Greater Buildings Plan, that will require annual energy efficiency benchmarking that will be disclosed to the public, and mandate a set of cost-effective energy efficiency upgrades and evaluations of the city’s largest buildings, both public and private. The data must be submitted by May 1st of each year or you may be subject to a violation.

For the complete text of the law, click here. To verify if your building is on the list of “covered” buildings, click here. For more details about LL84, click here.

Dept. of Environmental Protection (DEP):
Anti Idling Law:
Introductory Number 631-A reduces the amount of time that a non-emergency vehicle can idle adjacent to a school from three minutes to one minute. Applicants for taxi and for-hire-vehicle licenses will now be required to demonstrate their knowledge of idling laws. Introductory Number 40-A, expands the City’s ability to enforce idling violations and provides the Departments of Parks and Recreation and Sanitation with the authority to issue idling violations.  To read the press release click here.

Both Housing and Health Codes require that property owners address infestations promptly. To better support the prevention and control of bed bugs, the city is taking additional steps with property owners who persistently fail to comply with Housing and Health Codes. Faulty property owners can already be subject to a housing violation. The City developed a website for the purpose of providing bedbug information. To visit the website click here.


Department of Finance: Penalty Collection:
The Department is aggressively trying to collect penalties imposed by the Environmental Control Board by issuing “rent levy notices” to collect rent from tenants until the judgment is completely paid.

Real Property Income and Expense:
Reminder: The filing deadline for the RPIE was September 1st 2010. The form and filing instructions are available by clicking here. The law authorizes penalties for late filing or failure to file.


ECB 2008 Audit Report:
To view the ECB audit report conducted by the City Comptroller’s office, click here.


Dept. of Housing Preservation & Development (HPD):

eCertification is an online application which allows validly registered property owners and managing agents to certify HPD violations online! HPD’s eCertification is free to enroll in and use! Save time and money, and notify HPD immediately of a correction to a violation condition.
A building’s Property Registration must be current, and only named owners, officers, or agents are eligible to enroll for eCertification. Enrollment will remain active for as long as a building remains validly registered. Please note that lead violations are not eligible for eCertification.

To register or sign-in, click here.

New MDR Requirements:
Law 056/2008 recently enacted requires One- and two-family dwellings where neither the owner nor any family member occupies the dwelling must file such registration. For the full text of the new law click here.


Department of Buildings’:
Hazardous Violation Re-inspection Fee:

Beginning June 1, 2011, an $85.00 re-inspection fee will be applied to each re-inspection performed by the Department. This fee will be applied to all re-inspections required when a hazardous condition is not corrected or when the Department receives no response to a request to correct a condition, which results in a violation or other issued order. See Rule 1 RCNY §101-03 for more information.

New Appointment:
First time in department history a police official has joined senior leadership. Buildings commissioner Robert Limandri announces the appointment of Deputy Commissioner of Enforcement Eugene J. Corcoran. Read more

Elevator inspections:
An extension request to perform and file the yearly elevator inspection must be submitted by December 31st 2009 and performed and filed by April 30th 2010. Visit our DOB page to download the form.

Illegal Conversions/Occupancies:
The Department of Buildings’ teamed up with the FDNY to launch a citywide campaign to educate New Yorkers about the dangers of illegal conversions and how to stay safe. To view the flyer, click here. For more information about illegal conversions, click here.

When Is My 7th Cycle Facade Report Due?
Beginning with cycle seven, which runs from February 21, 2010 to February 20, 2015, an acceptable report for each building to which this rule applies is due in accordance with the following filing windows:

  • For buildings located within a block ending with the number four (4), five (5), six (6), or nine (9), an acceptable report shall be filed within the filing window starting February 21, 2010 and ending February 21, 2012.
  • For buildings located within a block ending with the number zero (0), seven (7), or eight (8), an acceptable report shall be filed within the filing window starting February 21, 2011 and ending August 21, 2012.
  • For buildings located within a block ending with the number one (1), two (2), or three (3), an acceptable report shall be filed within the filing window starting February 21, 2012 and ending February 21, 2013.

Buildings’ and Finance Depts. Team Up To Combat SWO Violations:
To deter owners and contractors from violating stop work orders (SWO), Buildings and the Department of Finance have teamed up to create a Stop Work Order Patrol, a team of Buildings inspectors and City sheriffs who proactively inspect sites where Stop Work Orders are in effect. In addition to this new interagency effort, recent legislation has been enacted that increases penalties for violating a SWO. View the service notice for more information.

Civil Penalties Enacted For Failure To Comply With SWO:

On August 12th 2008 the following law has been enacted and is effective immediately; §28-207.2.5 Penalties. In addition to the penalties provided for in this chapter, any person who fails to comply with a stop work order shall be liable for a civil penalty in the amount of five thousand dollars for the initial violation and ten thousand dollars for every subsequent violation, to be paid to the department prior to the rescission of the stop work order; provided, however, this shall not apply to any work performed to remedy an unsafe or hazardous condition as authorized by order of the commissioner. To view the entire bill click here.

Civil Penalties Increased for Working Without Permit:
Recent legislation has been enacted to increase civil penalties for work without a permit violations. For more details, view the service notice:


Have you completed your annual boiler inspection yet? Penalties increased!
Annual Boiler Inspection Reports were due by November 15th. All owners of boilers installed in residential spaces with six units or more, mixed use or commercial businesses must file an Annual Boiler Inspection Report by November 15th of each calendar year. View the service notice for more information. Avoid a LL62/91 violation by inspecting and filing timely. For instructions to complete the form, click here. For the DEP tri-annual registration or certificate of operation renewal fee schedule, click here.


Arrest made in bribing a Dept. of Buildings’ inspector.
Click here for more details.

Another Arrest:
The city’s top crane inspector was charged Friday (June 6, 2008) for taking thousands of dollars in bribes to falsify inspection reports and overlook unqualified operators. For more details click here.

Compliance Re-inspection:
Shocking report was released by the City Comptroller regarding NYC Dept. of Buildings’ inspections. Click here to view the news article. City Comptroller’s audit findings may result in compliance re-inspections and pursuant to section 26-122 may impose penalties up to $10,000.00.

Air Conditioner Installation Tips:
To ensure that air conditioners are installed securely and safely, the Buildings Department recommends that you follow the manufacturer’s instructions when putting in a window air conditioner. An improperly installed device may present a danger to the public and can result in the issuance of a violation for allowing an unsafe condition. Click here to view the DOB’s air conditioner installation tips.

Trash Compactor Room Requirements – 11/22/07
Effective December 10, 2007, the Buildings Department requires trash compacting systems be installed in certain types of multiple dwelling buildings. For more details click here.

Fire Department:
Fire Safety Plan:
The Fire Department has already begun enforcing the new “Fire Safety Plan” posting regulation. We have been advising our clients to adhere to these requirements in order to avoid a violation and civil penalties. You may now download the form from our FIRE DEPT. page in the navigation bar above.

Criminal Summons:
NEW YORK (June 11, 2008) — More than 100 people were arrested in the past week for fire code violations including faulty sprinklers, blocked exits and no fire extinguishers, authorities said Tuesday. The complete article can be viewed by clicking here.

Sprinkler and Standpipe:
Standpipe and sprinkler systems has been the target of some new regulations. Specifically with regards to color coding, hydrostatic pressure testing and standpipe pressurized alarm systems. Read the DOB flyer here.


Dept. of Sanitation:
Enforcement Routing Hours:
Local Law 47 of 2007 has been enacted on September 26th 2007 and became effective 90 days thereafter, which states that the two one-hour predetermined periods for issuing notices of violation, appearance tickets or summonses for residential premises shall be from 8:00 a.m. until 9:00 a.m. and from 6:00 p.m. until 7:00 p.m.

Violation #E154142295:
A sanitation enforcement agent has been captured on video busting fluorescent bulbs outside a Brooklyn restaurant – and then tagging its owners and the business next-door with $300 summonses for improperly disposing of the lights. The H.K. Tea & Sushi Restaurant in Bensonhurst was one of the recipients of a summons #E154142295, marked 8:30 a.m., for improperly leaving the bulbs on the sidewalk, according to the October 19th 2006 ticket.


Loft Board
Legalizing Loft Conversions:
The New York State Legislature expanded the Loft Law effective, June 21, 2010.  Under the amended law, the definition of an “interim multiple dwelling” has been expanded to include:
1. residential occupancy by three or more families living independently from one another during any consecutive twelve month period from January 1, 2008 through December 31, 2009 for buildings (or two units in buildings located north of West 24th Street and south of 27th Street and west of 10th Avenue and east of 11th Avenue);
2. structures or portions thereof that at any time were occupied for manufacturing, commercial, or warehouse purposes; and
3. structures or portions thereof that lack certificates of compliance or occupancy pursuant to § 301 of the Multiple Dwelling Law. Read the law text.


Dept. of Transportation (DOT)
DOT has implemented a new procedure which will withhold a contractor with outstanding unpaid ECB violation from obtaining a DOT permit which is required for certain construction activity.


Corporate Dissolutions:
Corporations that have been delinquent in filing returns or paying taxes or fees for two consecutive years may be subject to sanctions imposed by the New York Secretary of State. New York State corporations may be dissolved by proclamation. Corporations that have been formed under the laws of another state or country (foreign corporations) may have their authority to do business in New York State annulled by proclamation. A corporation may regain its ability to do business in New York State through the reinstatement process. For more information click here.