Violation Research & Dismissal

Specializing in the Administrative Code and the City Charter of the City of New York

While it is important to deal with various city agencies related to your property or business, it doesn’t necessarily mean that you have to deal with it yourself. Generally speaking, hiring professionals in these fields lead to better results, is economically sound, and is less time-consuming.

It may surprise many, that in certain instances it is most beneficial to do just the opposite than what is generally believed to be the appropriate course of action, and without the correct guidance you are probably not maximizing your potential.

If you: 

  • own, manage real estate or operate a business in New York City,
  • want to know if your property manager is taking you for a ride,
  • are planning a construction project,
  • would like to apply for a tax abatement,
  • recently transferred property and funds are being held escrow,
  • financed the sale of your property by carrying back a first mortgage,
  • received a collection notice from NYC Dept. of Finance,
  • received a “Notice of Violation and Hearing”,
  • are in receipt of enormous water and sewer charges from the DEP,

Then look no further, help is right here.

With over a decade of experience and the many satisfied clients, M. Ben Reich has earned the reputation as a leader in the real estate consulting field. The team at M. Ben Reich should in no time gain your confidence as well; thereby eliminate wasting the most precious commodity available, TIME.

 The team at M. Ben Reich is knowledgeable and thereby has the ability to inform its clients with any changes in the law that can affect your property or business. It may be anything ranging from changes for Sanitation routing hours to the 7th cycle facade report, lead abatement etc.


If you received a “notice of violation”, “Commissioner’s order”, from either the NYC Department of Buildings, Fire Department, Department of Environmental Protection, Department of Health and Mental Hygiene, Department of Housing Preservation and Development, Department of Transportation, Department of Sanitation, Department of Parks and Recreation, or a criminal summons, M. Ben Reich or its attorney can represent you or the corporation at the respective courts. We are not just “penalty reducers” we fight for your rights.

On the left panel navigation bar on each web page you can click for the desired agencies, which will then provide you with information and links on agency specific issues. In the following web pages you will find a user-friendly environment, that will explain most common procedures, remediation, and adjudication process of the Environmental Control Board (ECB), Housing Preservation and Development (HPD), real estate related Criminal Summonses, and more. 

 Contact us today and we will be happy to discuss with you any of these matters.